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Dear Members of the Education Committee,
We believe that professional educators deserve an evaluation plan that is fair and yields valid results with total transparency. Since 2011, the great state of Louisiana has utilized the “Value-Added Model,” also known as VAM. This model is unreliable and invalid. It has resulted in hundreds of quality educators being terminated, or choosing to leave the profession, because they were unjustly labeled as “ineffective.”

We urge you to consider the bills before you that redesign the teacher evaluation plan using multiple forms of measurement with no more than 25% of an evaluation determined by student performance. In addition, removing all references to “value-added” would make the statement that Louisiana rejects the use of VAM to evaluate its teachers.

13 thoughts on “Sign the petition for fair teacher evaluations”

  1. I’m signing this from Texas because I have family in Louisiana who will greatly benefit from improvements to all education systems, whether from better treatment of teachers or removing common core and giving control back to schools and parents. Please stop dumbing down our education systems.

  2. Please consider fixing these issues relative to evaluation and compensation of teachers. The majority of our teachers work long hours over and beyond the day and school year.

    1. There is another bill that was introduced on the House side that requires teachers to be paid overtime for duties outside of the regular school day. I will post a follow up when it is approaching.

  3. Teachers can not control outside influences such as home life and special curcumstances for reasons students do not do well on standardized tests with no modifications for our SPED students. This system needs to change!

  4. Applying statistical process controls on pupils and teachers as if they were styrofoam cups merely shows the ignorance and callousness of the blowhards making education policy in this state.Of course it is a greed-driven sham. Since Reagan, money always wins.

  5. A teacher’s job, professional successs, and livelyhood, should not be based on how her students perform on one test. No one can predict what goes on in their world, what their environment is like, and how their morning went, the days of the test. A child can be influenced and affected by so many things-things we can’t even predict. How can we base a teacher’s success on how a child performs, when we can’t even predict what their environment is like. Obviously noneducators are making these laws. We have not had a pay raise in years. Our insurance rates, deductibles, and office visits continue to go up. And now you want our success measured by a human being’s performance on one test. I wonder why we are losing so many teachers and administrators. I think you all need to revaluate yourselves and the decisions you are making, and the lives you will change because of this. Maybe we need to start from scratch and figure out a way to help the teachers and their students instead of beating us down.

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