In life, we often pray for opportunity to come our way. Just as I have, I am certain that some of you have faced an opportunity that you didn’t take only to regret it later. This is an opportunity that the people of Louisiana cannot afford to miss.

It has been confirmed that whether BESE addresses the appointment of a superintendent of education, or continues to neglect their responsibility and duty as an elected body, John White will be summoned to face a Senate confirmation. This process will begin in the Senate Governmental Affairs committee. If five members of the committee vote “NO” on confirmation, it will go to the full senate with a recommendation to reject. If five members do not vote “NO,” it could go to the full senate with no recommendation, or a recommendation to confirm.

Once the appointment goes to the full senate for a vote, 20 senators will have to vote “NO” to reject the confirmation. This is your opportunity to make your voices heard.

Please contact your senator via phone or email. Ask them to vote against confirmation of John White as superintendent of education should he come to the full senate for a vote.

If you do not know who your senator is, please Click This Link, enter your address, and click “Find.” Your state senator will be the second name listed. You can also help by Signing The Petition.

This will happen very fast. Do not waste any time.

4 thoughts on “No Confirmation for John White”

  1. Louisiana’s children and their faculty need a qualified leader who is not owned by private interest groups that seek to enrich themselves off of children. All children in our democracy deserve a quality, free public education. Superintendent White, who lacks basic education credentials, needs to be let go.

  2. He should have been gone a long time ago killing our public schools and killing the kids with all that stupid testing. You can grade a looking at their grades weekly,monthly,quarterly to see if they are learning anything. The test does nothing for kids that have no long term memory. It makes the student and teacher look stupid which neither of them are!

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