Choice: The Charter Pool Movement

abandonedIt is time for middle America to take a stand against the monopoly that is enjoyed by government pools. Year after year, children in economically challenged regions are failed, and are “at risk” for never learning to swim.

The quality of public pools varies drastically from affluent neighborhoods to impoverished communities. It is time to take a stance and let it be known that every child deserves a great pool to swim regardless of their zip code. This year, our legislative focus needs to be on passing legislation that will allow parents of children who live near failing pools to let their tax dollars follow them to the charter pool of their choice. If we can’t bring a great pool to the children, we will bring the children to a great pool.

I am currently putting together a business plan to start up my own charter pool, and I will employ a Florida-based charter pool management company to operate it for me.

In addition, we will need to push for pool vouchers so that parents can send their children to the private pool of their choice. If the voucher isn’t enough to cover the cost of membership to the private pool, we will force the club owners to accept the vouchers as full payment.

Once we accomplish our goal, those government pools will have to tighten their belts and improve the quality of their pools with less money. This will force them to operate better.

Please join the Charter Pool Movement!


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